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Combined with the sealing requirements, we can manufacture the below multifunctional PE Foam liners: FSPE, FSPP, FSPET, FSD, FSAL, Back Adhesive Seal Liner and QR Code Liners.





PE Foam lines are widely used in cap sealing for wine, cosmetics, pharmacy, pesticides and lube industries, etc., with the functions of anti-corrosion, non-toxic, tasteless, odourless, acid and alkali resistant, damp-proof, anti-deteriorant, mildew-proof and extending the storage period.





A: film PEPET PP PVDC AL cardboard

B: PE foam

A: film PEPET PP PVDC AL cardboard



1. The hygiene is in accord with the standard of GB9687-88, GB9685, GB/T5009.60, GB9691, GB/T2918, and GB/T17876-1999
2.In accord with the standard of US FDA and EU (2011/10/EC)
3.Clean surface with natural pearl luster
4. Perfect closed cells
5.Moderate hardness with buffer power and excellent sealing performance
6.Strong drug resistance and water resistance
7.Excellent vacuum stability and damp-proof




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